Announcements -         Time table for submission of Enrolment forms for the Academic Year 2012-13     Eligibility Criteria for various courses     Discrepancy marked students for IDOL. Contact: Room No. 9, IDOL, Kalina Campus, Mumbai     Circular for Credit Based Semester and Grading system (CBSGS) For the Program Under the Faculty of Arts, Commerce & Science With effect from the Academic year 2011-12
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Pre-Admission Online Registration News
Eligibility Criteria for various courses
EASY Job Portal for University of Mumbai Registered Students
महत्वाचे दाखले मिळण्यासाठी प्रमाणीकृत अर्ज नमूने व प्रमाणीकृत दाखले नमूने
For Colleges : Sample Admission Form for the academic year 2011-12
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March 2014 Examination Process
UoM's Circular Regarding Internal Marks
Internal Marks Entry for existing ‘Semester V’ Students: ADES User Manual
TY Direct Admission Students [Lower Exam Details – Result Data Entry User Manual]
Daily Ppasting Report for Venue: October 2013 Examination
Circular issued by Exam Section, UoM regarding Instructions about Re-peater students data for Mar'13 Exam Event
Ordinances and Regulations With Respect to Credit Based Semester and Grading System (CBSGS) For the Programmes Under The Faculty of Arts, Commerce & Science With effect from the Academic year 2011-12
Sample of Eligibility Bogus Certificate
Circular for Eligibility Bogus Certificate
Circular from DHE, Pune regarding eSuvidha Implementation in Universities Dtd: 18. 04. 2011
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