1. How and Where to submit the document?

Answer:Applicant needs to submit requisite documents along with the application form print to respective college.

2. Last date of document submission

Answer: Last date for document submission to college as per university circular is June 22, 2017.

3. What is the last date to edit Application form?

Answer: Last date to edit application form will be same as the last date to apply to program. Currently as per university circular, Last Date for Application is 16 June 2017.

4. When to pay the Fees

Answer: This will differ from college to college. The applicant needs to contact colleges where he/she wants to seek admission.

5. Information on Permanent Registration Number (PRN)

Answer: PRN will be assigned to student after admission confirmation, fees payment and Data submitted by college to University. PRN will be provided by University Enrollment/Eligibility Section after verification of document and Eligibility Criteria .

6. I don't have a printout of E-Suvidha ticket, What can Applicant do in such situation?

Answer: Applicant is requested to keep a printout of E-Suvidha ticket for future reference. The E-Suvidha ticket is for student reference only.

7. I want to enter Application number in college form, Where will I get application Form Number?

Answer: Application form number is displayed at top right corner above student photograph on Application Form.

8. College admission procedure?

Answer: Every college has different college admission procedure. Applicant has to contact the respective college to get the information.