First Year Bachelor of Arts (F.Y.B.A.)
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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The duration of the course for the degree of Bachelor of Arts Shall be 3 years

First Year Bachelor of Arts (F.Y.B.A.)

Total Marks 600 – in 6 papers (F.Y.B.A.)

A) Eligibility: -   Pass in 10 + 2 or equivalent examinations. 
B) Admission Fees for the Course:-
(1)   Rs. 3280/- for the students of General Category. 
(2)   Rs. 120/- for the students of Reserved Category (Only for those who are eligible and wish to apply for Freeship / Scholarship  Scheme)

Subjects to be offered: 
Sr. No.
Name of the Subject
1 Communication Skills in English  
2 Compulsory Languages (Any one of the following)
(a) Marathi,(Rev) (b) Hindi (c) Urdu (d) French
3. Foundation Course - Paper - I (Social Awareness, and Personality
Optional Subjects – (3 Papers) 
Select your Three optional subjects carefully at the F.Y.B.A. as the same Three optional subjects will remain as Paper II & III each at S.Y.B.A. and among them, combination of any two subjects with Three papers each OR any one subject entirely with six papers will remain at the T.Y.B.A. course.
Select any Three subjects from Social Science Group-I
Select any Two or One subject from Social Science Group-I and any one subject from Social Science - Group-II.
OR  any one from Ancillary Language Group.
OR Select any one from Social Science group I,one Subject from Social Science Group-II and One 
from Ancillary Language Group.
Group A - Social Science - I
Name of the Subject
Psychology -Paper - I  (General Psychology)
Economics - Paper-I (  Economic Theory)
History  -  Paper - I (option B) (History of Modern Maharashtra (1848-1960)
Sociology   - Paper - I  Foundation of Sociology
Political Science – Paper – I  (Introduction to Politics)
Commerce - Paper I (Introduction to Commerce) (Rev)
Group A - Social Science - II (Any one)
Philosophy – Paper I (Moral Philosophy)
Rural Development (Introduction to Rural Development)
Education – Paper –I (Principles of Education)
Group B - Ancillary (Optional) Language – II(Any one)
            Marathi Literature, Hindi Literature, & English Literature (Reading Fiction & Drama)